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Sydney Gateway

Cultural Capital was commissioned by the John Holland Seymour White Joint Venture to work with CM+ Architects and develop a collaborative team made up of Bidjigal Cultural Knowledge Holders Aunty Phyllis Stewart and Uncle Steven Russel with First Nations artists Carmen Glynn-Braun and Dennis Golding ( a.k.a. Re-Right Collective). Working together the team developed a series of themes and designs around cultural practice that have been integrated into the design of the bridges, facades, earth mounds and roadway elements of the Sydney Gateway infrastructure development. Intensive collaborative design workshops were held regularly. During these sessions, various scales and application methods for the cultural design elements were investigated by the urban design teams in conversation with the artists and Cultural Knowledge Holders. Sydney Gateway is to become the entry portal from Sydney Airport’s domestic and international terminals. Through a collaborative model connecting artists, Cultural Knowledge Holders, and urban designers, the project aims to embed local Aboriginal culture into the fabric of this significant piece of urban infrastructure and create a cultural identity local to Bidjigal Country.


Public Art commission by Transport for NSW. 

Cultural Advisors Uncle Steven Russell & Aunty Phyllis Stewart. 

Artists Dennis Golding & Carmen Glynn-Braun. 

Collaboration with John Holland, Seymour Whyte, CM+, Cultural Capital.

Visual impressions: CM+

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